What is Tezos?
Tezos is a decentralized ledger and smart contract platform with an in-built governance system. In addition to reaching consensus on the state of the ledger, Tezos aims to reach consensus on updates and improvements to the protocols and consensus mechanism itself. In this way, Tezos is designed to avoid the forks which cause disruption on other ledger and blockchain platforms like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

What is baking?
Baking is the Tezos term for creating new blocks in the ledger. Bakers who successfully produce blocks are rewarded with XTZ. Unlike traditional Proof of Stake, bakers must put up a bond which can be lost if the block is completed fraudulently or incorrectly. Users who give their stake to delegates do not have to put up a bond, eliminating their risk.

Does my XTZ get locked when I delegate?
No, your tokens never leave your wallet. You’re just giving us permission to bake for you. You can always transfer or spend your funds, and you can change your delegate at any time.

Why should I use TezosDelegateEU as a delegate instead of baking for myself?
I am a passionate crypto enthusiast, active in the Blockchain space since 2012. Qualified and experienced in hosting my own high security and high availability servers. All our servers and nodes are hosted in different locations spread out over the EU. We also completely eliminate your risk by paying the security deposit for you.

Is it safe to delegate my tokens?
100% safe. You never send your XTZ to us; you only give us permission to bake for you. The tokens never leave your wallet, so there is no risk of losing them.

When and how do I get paid?
Cycle 10 - You delegate to us
Cycle 17 - The Tezos blockchain assigns your delegation right to us.
Cycle 24 - Rewards from Cycle 18 start to accumulate for you and will be send to your address after every cycle ends.

Is there a minimum payment threshold?
The minimum payment threshold is currently set at 0.01 XTZ. In case you have less than this amount for a specific period, it will roll-over and will be paid along with the next period’s rewards. The minimum payment threshold will be updated based on the average transaction fee.