Delegate address


Over delegated: NO
36755 ꜩ (7.2%) still available for delegation


  • We completely eliminate your risk by paying the security deposit for you.

  • We are charging a 10% dynamic fee and will likely decrease in the future, you will receive 90% from all the rewards including endorsements and fees.

  • Payouts are processed automatically and send to your voting address when the minimum payout threshold is reached. (currently set at 0.01 ꜩ but will change according to the network transaction fees)

  • View your voting status and generated income directly on our website.

  • If the delegate has to many votes (over delegated) we will only pay the voters on a first come first serve basis.

  • Minimum account size available for participation is 100 ꜩ

  • All servers / nodes are hosted in datacenters in the EU.